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Company Description

About Pelotech:

We accelerate the business value of our customer’s software investments through hands-on engineering, teaching and peer coaching.

In support of this ambition we:

  • Cherish and champion values and practices that create trust, safety, collaboration, and measured improvement;
  • Will only select employees and customers that do the same.

We are not a consultancy that talks at our customers, nor a "body shop" contract company that lacks an outside perspective to add to the discussion. We teach software acceleration by building alongside our customers.

Job Description


We're looking for senior software engineers who practice a goal-driven and pragmatic approach to software development, and who also love to teach others how to do the same. To qualify you must demonstrate a DevOps mindset, be an experienced player-coach in creating amazing software teams, have proven technical chops in continuous delivery methods, immutable infrastructure, and micro-service technologies. You also know how to motivate the right people to create an internal movement that improves the way an organization operates.


  • Thrive when you are motivated by the business goals of your efforts, especially when there is an acknowledged immense challenge to achieve them.
  • Are not phased by ambiguity and guide others to navigate through it.
  • Relentlessly learn new technologies that improve the speed at which you can deliver value and achieve your goals.
  • Approach technology pragmatically, considering carefully how to choose the right tool for the job using tradeoff-based decision making.
  • Are effective at guiding and counseling your team's managers.
  • Innately care and nurture people to help spread joy in your teams’ work lives.

You have:

  • A passion for DevOps, from coding cloud infrastructure to hands-on application development of distributed backend systems.
  • A data and metrics-oriented mindset: you want your work to be measurable and impactful.
  • Customer empathy: you understand your customers’ needs and requirements.
  • Strong software development skills and computer science fundamentals.
  • A broad knowledge of entrepreneurial and work management frameworks such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Kanban, Scrum
  • Value loosely-held strong-opinions, sharing them and having them challenged.

Even better:

  • A history of contributing to open source
  • A fondness for mentoring other engineers

Some of the technologies we use and teach:

  • Docker
  • Drone
  • AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Kubernetes
  • Flux
  • Rancher

Our salary ranges are currently between $150k-$250k.

Perks & Benefits

Our internal company culture values trust between each other, which allows us to enjoy the flexible lifestyle of a remote workplace. As long as you are delivering value and are available at the times our customers need you, we are not concerned about your specific working hours and encourage you to set them to what works best for you.

We also value seeing each other in person and regularly organize company trips. These “workaways” offer the opportunity for us to work together in person while also having fun after the workday. Some past examples include skiing/surfing/adventure trips to Whistler, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Roatan.

Other benefits include:

  • 100% covered employee, 50% dependents medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401K - Match
  • Life insurance
  • HSA Available
  • Choose your own new equipment when you join
  • Equipment, Events, and Culture Budgets
  • For full details please visit https://www.pelo.tech/benefits